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Introducing Briel Coffee Machines – Exceptional Quality, Unmatched Performance

Discover the pinnacle of coffee perfection with Briel coffee machines. Our state-of-the-art appliances feature internally produced stainless steel boilers, setting a new standard for performance and durability in the world of espresso. Elevate your coffee experience with a machine designed for true professionals.

## Key Features:

### 1. Internally Produced Stainless Steel Boiler
All Briel coffee machines boast an internally produced stainless steel boiler, delivering unparalleled water heating capacity. Experience consistent water temperature, cup after cup, ensuring your coffee is always brewed at the perfect temperature.

### 2. Superior Heat Retention
Our boilers excel in retaining heated water for extended periods, guaranteeing that your machine is always ready for use. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and enjoy a consistently satisfying coffee experience.

### 3. Professional-Grade Performance
The choice of true professionals, our boilers outperform thermoblocks, providing a more reliable and stable temperature for making multiple coffees. Experience the precision and excellence that high-end espresso machines demand.

### 4. Longevity and Reliability
Our 100% aluminum-free boilers are built to last for many years without breaks or failures. Join the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who continue to enjoy the exceptional performance of Briel coffee machines.

### 5. Global Endorsement
Our machines have been produced and installed across the globe, proving their reliability in every corner of the world. Trust in a brand that stands the test of time and delivers an unmatched coffee experience.

Elevate your coffee ritual with Briel – where quality, performance, and longevity meet in every cup. Explore our range of espresso machines today and savor the true essence of exceptional coffee.


Bomha 20bar máquina de Café

Unlock the full potential of your espresso experience with our meticulously crafted coffee machines. Beyond achieving the perfect temperature, pressure emerges as the paramount factor in extracting exceptional espresso. In the world of coffee, it all comes down to pressure – too low, and your brew is left watery and weak.


Experience perfection with Briel coffee machines, each featuring an exclusive crema-control filter designed for effortless maintenance. This specialized filter, easily removable for cleaning, fits seamlessly into the portafilter, accommodating both ground coffee and convenient coffee pods. Available in two versions for single and double doses, this innovative filter is the result of extensive research, development, and testing, ensuring that pulling a flawless espresso is now within everyone’s reach, not just for professional baristas.

Pressure Gauge

Manómetro de pressão
For aficionados who appreciate the artistry of coffee extraction, select models of Briel coffee machines cater to the discerning user with an added feature – a pressure gauge. This precision instrument allows you to monitor the exact pressure applied to your coffee during extraction, a hallmark of the finest and most luxurious high-end coffee machines.

Steam Function

Indulge in your love for cappuccinos or latte macchiatos with Briel coffee machines – and here’s the exciting news! Our machines, equipped with a powerful steam wand, boast exceptional capabilities for crafting luxurious milk foam. Say goodbye to unwanted water droplets, as our steam wands ensure a robust and uninterrupted steam flow.

Experience the perfect blend of temperature and texture in your foam, tailored precisely for your favorite beverages. Briel’s cutting-edge coffee machines feature a specially designed boiler, coupled with electronic control, to deliver an outstanding continuous steam function. In select models, the system allows for micro-injections of water into the boiler, maintaining the optimal temperature and enabling prolonged use of steam for an extended indulgence in your coffee crafting sessions.

Elevate your home barista experience with Briel – where innovation meets your passion for exquisite coffee creations. Discover the joy of creating barista-quality beverages right in your kitchen.