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Embark on a journey with Briel, a pioneer in Espresso Coffee Machines since 1978.

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Briel has honed its craft, specializing in the art of perfecting espresso extraction. Our commitment to excellence has only deepened over the years, fueled by the valuable feedback and insights from our loyal customers.

In a significant development in 2023, Briel found a new home under the ownership of Bramp – Metais e Polímeros de Braga. This acquisition ensures that Briel’s distinctive qualities remain intact, preserving the essence of what makes our espresso machines truly exceptional.

Explore the legacy of Briel, where tradition meets innovation. Elevate your coffee experience with a brand that has stood the test of time. Shop now for Briel’s iconic Espresso Coffee Machines and savor the richness of espresso like never before.


Briel's foundation
Briel was founded in 1978 by an entrepreneur and inventor from Porto as a toys and home appliances company. Hence the name Briel: Brinquedos (Toys) + Eletrodomésticos (Home Appliances). The initial product line included mixers and vacuum cleaners
First espresso machine with a fully plastic body.
Briel introduced the first home espresso machine utilizing a fully plastic body, a pioneering feat at the time. This achievement was made possible through their know-how and proprietary resources, leveraging their expertise in plastic injection and mold and tool industries.
Espresso Coffee Machine Specialist
Devido ao grande sucesso das suas máquinas de café espresso, a Briel abandonou o seu objectivo inicial de fabricar todo o tipo de electrodomésticos, para se especializar naquele sector. Com grande dinâmica empresarial e know-how acumulado ao longo dos anos, tornou-se um símbolo de qualidade.
Design and Quality
Briel has won several awards this year: ES35 Chamonix, Best Buy, Dime, Japan, ES15 Lido, Best Buy, Consumer Guide, United States, ES35 Chamonix, Consumer Guide, United States, CG5 Moinho Java, Recommended Product, Consumer Guide, United States.
More awards
This year brought in more awards on the national front, with the ES33 Estoril receiving the 'Design Seal' from the Portuguese Design Center and 'Best Buy' from Deco-Proteste.
More awards

Another award earned with the ES200 MPS Espresso, Best Buy, Hammacher – Schlemmer Institute, United States.

New Models

Briel has once again launched two new models: Apollo and Artemis

The Right Choice
With the ES42 Artemis, another award achieved – Best Buy, 'Right Choice,' Deco Proteste, Portugal.
Best on Test

This year, another award with the ES38 Versatile Duo, Best Buy & Best on Test, Which, United Kingdom.

New Owner
All company shares were transferred from the original founder to a private investor, who has taken control of the company's management.

Briel has launched a restyling of the well-known Series 70 Espresso Coffee Machines.

Novos Modelos
Em 2019 a Briel lançou dois novos modelos. A A1, manual e a A3 automática, de desenvolvimento 100% nacional em parceria com a Bramp.
Vintage Moderno

A Briel aproveitou as preferências do mercado por produtos vintage, para relançar os modelos 14 e 15 com design mais moderno.


A Briel ganhou asas e voou a Bramp, em Braga, onde alia o savoir faire das máquinas de café à excelência industrial da Bramp.